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The Detroit Art Works was founded in 1976 to encourage and support cultural activities.
Its not-for-profit status seeks to foster collaboration among creative individuals.

car Phone 

PhoneyVents;Telephone Art
First PhoneyVents
Car Phonevents at the Detroit Institute of Arts, 1985

International Alternative Arms Race

Whistler's Mom
Whistler's Mom
is a Hitchhiking sculpture put on the road that offers financial benefit to good Samaritans.

Vincent Says...
Vincent Says...
is a fundraising sculpture that Detroit Art Works  lends to nonprofit and cultural organizations as a benefit to the community.

Toronto Toad
Toronto Zoo's Sculpture

Seven fundraising sculptures for U. S. and Canadian Zoos to benefit amphibiam's natural habitats was facilitated by the Detroit Art Works.

Arta Fundi
Arta Fundi
is an elaborate interactive fundraising sculpture offered to nonprofit and cultural institutions.  It contains a collaborative effort of many artists including:
  Larry Pike, David Barr , Lowell Boileau, Pablo Cabado, Daniel Cascardo, Bob Caskey,  Herbert Ferrer,  Jerome Ferretti, Stephen Goodfellow, David Greenberger,
Jim Gustafson, Robert Jones, M. L. Liebler, Kurt Loren, Robert Maniscalco, Pedro Meyer, Frank Pahl, Diane Spodarek, Rose Stasuk,  Miriam Yezbik.

Artist's License
Artist's License
The Detroit Art Works offers this to all artists .
The oath below is to be said aloud in your native tongue while standing facing the future and holding a tool of art ( pencil, chisel, camera, etc.) in your dominant hand over your heart.:

"With this license I am free
To be the best me I can be.
I'll show the truth by telling lies,
and play the Fool until I'm wise."

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